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The Tompkins Company since 1966 has provided installation services throughout the southeast in thousands of homes and businesses.

Here are some examples of commercial and residential installations. Our Window Lines are separated into Two Division, Commercial and Residential. Models Manufactured are: Series 3700SH/White, 4000DH/White or Almond, 5000DH/White or Almond 3700PW/White, 4100PW/White or Almond, and matching Circle Top Units.  For additional information please call 706 733-7732.

Features and Benefits:

Grids Between Glass are Coded by initials as follows: CW / CT-GBG-LE (low E glass) Benefits: * Aesthetically pleasing "clean lines" for beautiful soft white appearance. Mitered design provides greater joining surface for increased strength by fusion welding. * Provides continuous run-off of rain away from the house and a "positive" attachment to hold screens in place and keep bugs from coming around the outside edge of screen. * Perfect for new construction or remove the flanges for replacement. * Interlock provides excellent protection against air infiltration between sash; makes window more secure. Lift handle makes opening sash easy. * Safe, easy cleaning from inside. * Allows easy tilt-in of sash with a touch of the finger. Internal mechanism gives "cleaner" sash appearance. * Provides strong, durable quiet operation. * Holds the glass firmly in place but allows the glazing to adjust to inside and outside temperatures. * Insulated glass is a must for new construction windows. Available with Low-E glass and other glass options. * Meets AAMA-H-R 35 and up to H-R 50 Specifications, NRFC and Energy Star Thermal Test by NCTL-110-6748-2S

Tompkins Windows are manufactured to the highest standards to provide you with superior insulation at your window openings. Shown here are Tomco Architectural Shapes and Annual Energy Savings our window provides with Performance Plus II Low E Glass. Plus your additional savings, which comes with the Tru-Seal Warm Edge Hermetically Sealed Insulated Glass units, that provide savings on energy consumption up to 40% on all Tompkins Window Lines.

Our windows are Virtually Maintenance Free. * Series 3700 Single Hung - All welded mitered sash & frame design with plain Buck front or Brick mold. * Sloped sill with integral screen channel. * 3" frame depth with integral "J" trim. * Integral sash interlock with lift and pull handles on sash. * Lower sash tilts in. * Internal tilt latches with top-mounted thumb buttons or top mounted tilt latch. * Stainless steel constant force balance system. * Full perimeter sash weather-strip in a special dual, opposing weather-strip configuration. * Dual durometer glazing system. * 5/8" insulated glass. * Test H-R 35 and achieved H-R 50 Specification AAMA/NWWDA 101/I.S. 2-97. * Thermal Test * Styles include: Single Hung -Horizontal Slider - Picture Window.